Christ Life Church is a church that exists to transform lives for Christ through preaching the gospel and discipleship. Matthew 28:18 – 20

The Church has an intentional movement that leads church members to become people who passionately seek God to becoming faithful servants of God who serve in the world around them. This process involves Vision, Foundations, Grow, and Go.


Christ Life Church seeks to teach its members what it exists for and this is transforming lives for Jesus Christ, teaching them why God has put the church in its community and what God envisions for each believer. Knowing God’s vision and how the Church seeks to fulfill it will help members identify their personal visions and how they can fulfill them as they serve in the Church.


The Church believes that in order for members to fulfill their calling in Christ they need to know the core Christian beliefs. The Church therefore seeks to teach people the foundational truths of Scripture so that each person may live to know God better.


Christ Life Church seeks to transform people into the perfect likeness of the LORD Jesus Christ. This involves helping church members to repent and grow in godliness and godly virtues. Our Church ministries seek to help each believer to grow and be more like Christ.


We believe that as faithful Christians we have to obey the command of our LORD Jesus Christ by going out into the whole world and showing God’s love to the world (Matthew 28:18 – 20). This means that Christians should be able to serve their world in tangible and meaningful ways that enable the world to see God in them. The Church will therefore encourage and provide opportunities for church members to make a difference in the world by serving.