We encourage each one of the members of CLC to serve. We believe that Christianity is not about following religious rules but about having a relationship with God and living it out in our daily lives. Living out our Christianity cannot be done without serving. We therefore provide opportunities for members of our Church to serve in the various church ministries that the church has according to their gifting.


Ministries of Christ Life Church

Sunday services: Every Sunday we provide Worship services that involve worshiping God in songs, prayer, biblical teaching, responding to God’s Word in obedience and fellowship. Sunday services are facilitated together with the Church worship team, ushering and hospitality teams.

Men’s Ministry: Every week men of CLC and people from our community gather to learn God’s Word, worship, pray and encourage each other as the LORD leads.

Women’s Ministry: Women of the Church gather to learn God’s Word, worship, pray and encourage each other as the LORD leads.

Youth Ministry: Youth, college and secondary students gather every Saturday to learn God’s Word, pray and encourage each other as the LORD leads.

Kids Ministry: Our ministries are open every Sunday to provide a safe, clean and loving environment where kids can learn God’s Word and worship Him. These are services for children from ages 0 to 4, Grades ones through seven.

Christian Primary School: We provide a godly school environment for nursery, and primary kids to learn, grow and play.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry: We provide an environment where couples learn God’s will for their marriage, inspired to grow in love, faithfulness and become godly parents.

House Groups: We provide Bible studies in houses where people fellowship, pray for each other and use their gifts to minister to one another.

Ministries Outside the Church

Pastors Training: We provide pastors seminars in which we train pastors theology, and how to be faithful and effective ministers of God.

Prison Ministry: We visit prisons in Zambia and teach God’s Word in prisons and create an environment that encourages prisoners to be transformed and learn skills.

Hospital Ministry: We visit, encourage and pray for patients in hospitals, hospital staff and help provide clean, and encouraging environment for patients to recover.

Recovery Ministries: We reach out to prostitutes, alcohol and drug addicts and help them recover through godly teaching, prayer and a positive environment.

Empowerment Ministries: We reach out to poor families and children in slums and help empower them with skills that help them gain economic and spiritual stability.

Missions: We provide an environment for churches all over the world to come to Zambia and serve.

Africa Invent Conferences: We hold yearly conferences in which we inspire Zambians to invent solutions to the common problems that people face.

I want to serve in Church

In order for a person to be approved to serve in Christ Life Church they should first

  • Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Attend and finish CLC Cornerstone Foundational Lessons.
  • Join CLC by signing a membership form and be accepted by the church Leaders.
  • If a member of another church they should bring a letter of recommendation from their former church.
  • Have a standing testimony of faithful walk with Christ.

In order for you to be approved to serve, you have to fill in one of our volunteer forms and submit it to the pastor or ministry leader of the ministry that you would love to serve in.